In support of Zoë Keating

I’m writing this on my phone because it’s on my mind and it needs to be said.

Zoë Keating
was a performer on JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 in 2013. I had not heard of her before the cruise announcement, so I opted to not listen to any of her music before the cruise and instead enjoy the experience of hearing her for the first time in the shared experience that is JCCC. (If you’ve been on this cruise then you know what I’m talking about.)

The result was no less than I expected from JoCo Cruise Crazy. Zoë is talented and downright amazing. Her music is unique and magical and I enjoyed every moment of that performance.

Later in the cruise, I was volunteering to check badges at the doors of another performance and as things got quiet out front, I went inside where I could watch the show and still see the doors. Back there near me was Zoë Keating and her husband and their toddler, a child at that age where they want to roam around and explore their environment. It made sense that they were at the back of the hall, enjoying the performance of one of her colleagues while still attending to the newfound wanderlust of their child. I didn’t intrude, but I watched from afar, as it were. It may be a commonplace thing to do for a patent, but to me I found it endearing. I enjoyed their interactions and probably smiled at them once or twice. It’s something I’ll remember for a long time.

Today, Zoë Keating and her family find themselves in a crisis. Her husband has recently been diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer. Cancer sucks, I agree, but this is a bad situation.

My husband Jeff has been sick with a mysterious illness for several months. It’s not so mysterious any more. My man, my best friend, my soul mate, my partner-in-crime for 16 years has cancer. All. Fucking. Over. Lungs, brain, liver, bones.   Read more…


Which brings me to my point…

I’m asking you to support Zoë Keating. Check out her music. Buy a song, buy an album. She is a professional musician, so this is her livelihood. The tours and concerts and album she had plans for this year are all on hold while she is with her husband. I promise you won’t regret adding her music to your collection.