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On Chicken Nuggets and Nutrition

Chicken nuggets taste good. That’s an understatement. They are a marvel of food engineering made to directly push the buttons of the food-desire centers of our brains. They are arguably one of the tastiest things ever invented, and possibly one of the unhealthiest  food that one can consume. I just saw an ad on television for Tyson chicken nuggets. And it was, of course, aimed directly at parents and, by extension, their children. There were children in the ad eating them and smiling and I couldn’t help but think to myself, why would any half-nutritionally-conscious parent ever give their child something like that to eat.

Sure, they are tasty and easy and there are a myraid of dipping sauces to accompany the golden nuggety goodness, but they are so bad for you! And they are marketing them directly to children!

So I comment on this to my wife and she suggest what alternative is there for a parent whose kid won’t eat anything? So I postulated that perhaps the child wouldn’t have acquired a taste for chicken nuggets if the parents hadn’t given them to the child in the first place?

And so the topic came up of what did people do when their kids didn’t like what was offered to them before there were chicken nuggets? Invented in the 1950s but first introduced to the American public in 1980, we were raised, for the most part, as children who didn’t know chicken nuggets. What did we eat before then? I guess we ate whatever was put in front of us. Our parents were, for the most part, children of depression-era parents who likely made sure they ate what was available, but as the generations went on, things changed we moved further and further away from that mindset.

Now we have super cheap, super-not-very-healthy food choices that may be on sale for $3.99 for a three pound bag of chicken nuggets. It baffles the mind the number of  choices we have available to us and yet none of them are terribly healthy for us. I’ve been trying to cook most or all of the food I eat and as much work as that is, I think I do feel better for it. At the least, I can say that I’m taking in fewer chemicals than before.

So here’s to making your own food, but sometimes I just crave that golden, delicious chicken nugget.


Differences of Opinion

What is it about our country (congress, first and foremost, but people in general) that seems to have us at odds with each other. Right now, we have congress with our entire country poised on the brink of what they say is financial disaster, and they have this lack of ability to come to a compromise and solve the problem that faces us. There’s a certain block of voters who are beyond adamant about getting what they want and they’re ready to bring the country to its knees if they don’t get exactly what they want.

Yeah? Exactly! A three-year-old child who’s going to throw a temper tantrum in the grocery store if he doesn’t get that toy he sees in the checkout aisle.

What happened to us that we are unwilling to compromise? To see the other person’s point of view? It’s almost as of the two (or three, depending on how you count) sides of the table in these debt+budget “talks” are having a holy war. My god is better than you god, so we can’t see eye-to-eye on anything. There is no room for compromise when you’re talking about such intense and overwhelming ideology.

And yet this sort of thing comes down to the personal level, too. I have a friend who has republican (for lack of a better term) take on things, used to like Glenn Beck, etc, and it’s impossible to talk to her about politics. She gets all bent out of shape about what the liberals are doing this and that and it’s just spewing the crap that she’s gotten from television. Yet there’s no possible way of getting her to see that we’re in this situation because one side or the other created this situation.

In another situation personally, someone in my life wants to believe X despite actions of his own that caused things to be the way they are. There’s no reason, no discussion, no compromise. Just “my way or the highway.” Well, can you guess which one I took?

Oh, as for my political views: I subscribe to no party. All of them are crazy. You have to sell most or all of your soul to get into Congress these days. So I don’t trust any of them to do what’s right for the country anymore. Who bought their souls? People with deep pockets. Corporations. Special interests who want only what they want and to hell with everyone else. Sounds familiar?

There was a time when our country did have differences of opinion, but we pulled together for a common goal. Now, this doesn’t happen anymore. I think we won’t come together until things are really, really bad again. Personally I don’t want to see it get that bad, but it will if we continue doing what we’re doing.

But to be honest, my inner anarchist would like to see that happen. Just to see what happens. I feel I’m in a pretty good position overall and could weather another 5 or 10 years of economic misery in the country, but it would be hard to watch others have a much harder time than me. Who knows, it might happen anyway if things in congress continue going nowhere.