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me and 9/11

So inevitably as it will happen every Sept 11th from now until whenever, we will remember where we were on this day so many years ago when it happened, who we were talking, what street we were walking down, whatever, when a terrorist group flew two airplanes. AIRPLANES!, into the world trade center.

People will say things like “Never forget”, “Remember 9/11” and other platitudes that, to me, have come to mean less than nothing. What is there that we can never forget? How someone attacked our country? How people were killed en masse to make a political point?

What I will never forget is how 9/11 was preventable. How it was used as a tool by the political elite to consolidate power in the executive branch of our government. How it was used as a reason to spy on, detain, and curtail the rights of our own citizens in the name of “terrorism”. How in our paranoia and fear of dying (as if there aren’t worse things than death) allowed us to sit back and let our government do this because somehow it made us feel safer. How we went to war in a country where we had no business being in. How our government lied to us about this war, and further eroded whatever unity we had after the destruction of the towers. How this war brought our country to the brink of bankruptcy and further continues to destabilize our nation.

This path of us versus them (and I’m not talking about the U.S. versus Terrorists) has led us to a point in our history where if we don’t wake up, the terrorists will have won, but not because of anything they did. We’ll have done it to ourselves.

I’m sorry. Though I am still angry about the events of 9/11, of the friend I lost there and of the family members of other friends that were lost there, I’m even more angry about how it was used as a tool that hurt our country far more than anything else ever has.

So let’s get today over with. I’m done with it already.